Zebra Update, Copywriting Inspiration and Future SERPs: SEO Updates

Future of SERPs

This week in SEO the articles have been quite varied from trying to help inspire creative copy to explaining the Analytics focal points for SEOs.

Copywriting inspiration

HubSpot, the inbound marketing news source wrote an article on unique places copywriters can find inspiration. Often SEO professionals and copywriters have to write a lot of blogs or copy when they don’t feel particularly inspired in the subject or are not in a creative mood. The inspirational list HubSpot has identified range from the Ben and Jerry’s product descriptions to the Old Spice video responses.

I have found inspiration from reading BuzzFeed, which is a news source series of trivia and lists. I also look at copywriting resources such as Crazy Egg, ProBlogger, SEO Copywriting, Copyblogger and the Copybot for tips on how to blog.

It is very important part of writing blogs and PR is to ensure you write with the right grammar and spelling otherwise readers will not bother to read it and search engine bots will think it is spam.

As further reading you could read the Moz blog article about the steps to big content. It identifies the steps that a company went through to release a big guide on how to build online communities.

Future SERPs

The Future of Google SERPs
The Future of Google SERPs (Moz, 2013; Dr. Peter J. Meyers)

Another Moz blog of importance this week is the Future SERPs of Google 2014. The article discusses how the Google SERPs will look difference in only a few months time ranging from the knowledge graph to changes in the advertising format. It is fascinating to see the changes that could take place in only a small amount of time to accommodate our accelerated change to mobile internet use. Similarly EConsultancy has looked in to how the Google paid ads will look in 2014 including the possible change to yellow ad labels, ads in the slide deck, insurance ads and Google attempting to make ads look un-ad (I know that isn’t even a word) like. For those of you that don’t know the ins and outs of the current SERPs here is a helpful visual mega guide.

Google Zebra update

There have been rumours for months that there will be a merchant quality update. Matt Cutts said back in March that they have a potential launch “looking at the quality of merchants and whether we can do a better job on that, because we don’t want low quality experience merchants to be ranking in the search results.” However there has yet to be an update based around the merchant quality. Dubbed the Google Zebra update by SEO experts, the Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Watch recommended improving the SEO value of your website.

Keyword research and competitor analysis

ViperChill has created a massive superhuman keyword research and competitor analysis article to help newcomers or remind SEO professionals on how to complete the two activities. This is a great resource for future use. It also goes in depth in how to do keyword research different ways than using the keyword planner tool. On a related topic, the Search Engine Watch explained why you should not obsess over optimising your website for one keyword. For a small website, you should attempt to concentrate on about 2 or 3 keywords, obviously this depends on what keywords and what sector you are in. On larger websites, I usually optimise for about 4 to 6 keywords per category.

Analytics focal points

The main SEO analytics focal points identified by Josh McCoy on the Search Engine Watch are traffic by source/medium, landing page organic traffic, page by page title, site speed and customisations within Google Analytics. EConsultancy did a similar post back in 2012 of the important KPIs for SEOs that can be found in Google Analytics. The top SEO KPIs are keyword rankings (this can be found by googling your website for a particular keyword), traffic volume, organic traffic, brand exposure and ROI (return on investment).

The Ultimate Moment of Truth

Brian Solis’s latest blog article covers a marketing principle known as the ultimate moment of truth, that is covered in his book “What’s the Future of Business”.

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